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Management Reports
For WorkSite

For WorkSite

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   Management Reports for WorkSite

Keep Critical Data Under Control

What the Reports can do for you…

Catch administrator mistakes more easily with concise reports on setup
of Applications, DocTypes, Groups, Users, DocServers, DocClasses 
and DocSubClasses.
Disk space, database size, document counts -- multi-database, 
multi-server reporting
How fast is your database growing?  When will you run out of space?
Who is polluting Public Saved Searches?   Project & Saved Search reports.
Security check – more easily catch logons that are given more rights 
than you intend.
Who is using/misusing document security and versions and by how much?
Find which users may need training help because of misuse of generic profile
entries such as Miscellaneous or Unclassified.
Disaster Recovery – Rebuild lookup tables from SQL update gone awry 
from easily run up-to-date data.
How fast is your database growing?  When will you run out of space?
Why are you not getting all your full text search hits?  Sample scripts for 
full text indexing status.

20 reports and additional sample SQL scripts include:

  • DocClass Distribution by User, (optionally by Practice)
  • Document Security Summary (Private/Public)
  • User/Group Security Summary
  • Application Distribution
  • Top Users of Selected Applications, DocClasses, or Clients
  • Multi-server/multi-database document/disk statistics
  • 5 configuration reports that document iManage setup, Groups, Users, Applications, Servers, DocClasses/SubClasses
  • Document listings with security settings
  • Document listings by Author, by Operator
  • SQL Table/Column Cheat Sheet (hardcopy only)
  • History reports for troubleshooting "lost edits" and security checks.

      Output in Crystal Reports, RTF, Excel, MS Word format or Query Analyzer format.

      You are warmly invited to write or call with questions:
        Jeff Olson                                    Mobile:   312-479-2866