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Jeff Olson and colleagues provide tools and other assistance to  law firms, corporations and integrators in implementing excellence in document management.


 It has been said that the true teacher is one that enables his students to learn more than he.   In our best moments, consultants are generous in offering knowledge and skills and in facilitating transfer of skills to encourage client independence.  

In the spirit of facilitating independence, Jeff Olson and Olson Consulting, Inc. support organizations that help poor and people in need to find ways to develop their skills to achieve a higher standard of living for themselves and their families. 

In the last four years, $42,000 has been given to about 20 organizations including:

  • Time-Dollar Institute -- provides low income families the opportunity to earn refurbished, donated computers by first learning and then tutoring others on computer/software operations.

  • Women's Opportunity Fund -- offers $50-$500 loans and support to women in 3rd world countries to start small businesses, improve their standard of living and break the cycle of poverty.

  • Inspiration Cafe -- assists men and women in Chicago to exit homelessness by giving guidance, training and responsibility in working toward self-sufficient lifestyles.

  • St. Martin de Porres House of Hope -- a "tough love" program in Chicago that helps women graduate from substance abuse to lead productive lives.

  • FINCA -- provides micro-loans to the worlds poorest families so they can create their own jobs, raise household incomes and improve their standard of living.

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  Jeff Olson                                    Mobile:   312-479-2866