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SecurityGuard for WorkSite

Management Reports

                   Among the best...

People I rely on now -- people I have previously worked with -- Good people are a treasure.  

Those listed here are among those I have to thank for helping to provide a quality product.   May you have the opportunity to work with people as good as these.

                                                       -- Jeff Olson

Bradley Whitla -- Bradley knows Interwoven's WorkSite security, Microsoft SQL and LegalKey records management as few others do.   Bradley is one of the best SQL talents I have ever met and I am grateful to have worked with him these last several years.  Creative, resourceful, reliable, he has been instrumental in the continued development of SecurityGuard for WorkSite.

Bill Niles -- Excellent with medium and large networks.    Efficient, careful, organized.  You want him in a crisis.  Great troubleshooter.   He well understands WorkSite architecture's impact on networks. Bill has now started IS Consulting, Inc.

Darin Lewis -- Attitude is everything!  Darin has received more spontaneous expressions of gratitude from IS directors and end users than most of us will ever hear.  Along with his wealth of technical knowledge in DocsOpen document management, Windows architecture and networking, he has an uncanny knack for turning troublesome (but politically powerful) end users into happy campers.

Tim Weiland --  There may be few that have more breadth of knowledge regarding network architecture.   You want his input for network design.  Clear and articulate, Tim knows his stuff so well he creates solid implementation plans effortlessly.

Dennis Beals -- Has a natural instinct for developing easy to use and easy to maintain solutions.    Dennis is the moving force in creating the Management Reports for WorkSite.    Visual Basic, Crystal Reports and Internet Information Server. 

Rob Linxweiler -- Matrices, Inc.   Solid not only with WorkSite, but years of implementation experience with a huge list of both backend and desktop equipment/software including MS Exchange, IIS, WIN200x, and Zenworks.

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